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A school notification system is primarily used in crisis situations when school administrators must quickly alert faculty, students and parents of a situation at hand. Automated school alerts are also a great tool that bridges the gap between teachers, parents and students. The services reviewed on this website offer voice, text and email broadcasting solutions as well as a plethora of other beneficial options for schools all across the United States.

Browse our extensive collection of reviews to choose which company best suits the needs of your school when it comes to delivering emergency alerts, parent notifications or other various types of important messages quickly and efficiently.

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Regardless if schools are using automated calling service for report card reminders or emergency notifications, there are laws that vary from state to state when using this type of service. It is recommended that you check laws for your state before signing up for any of the services reviewed on this site.

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Whether you are an elementary school or an estabilished college institution, automated school notifications play an important role in bridging the commincation gap between teachers, students and parents.