Bullying has become a nationwide epidemic as of late and schools are beginning to implement preventative measures to cut down on the harmful behaviour. School notification systems allow teachers and faculty to create a bullying prevention system for kids who fall victim or witness bullies in action while at school.

School administrators can tackle bullying by setting up an anonymous hotline or a unique SMS keyword that can be used to report a bully on campus. Bully alerts are not going to cure bullying but they are a great system to have in place that will surely deter aggressors to think twice about being physically and mentally abusive to fellow classmates.

Below we have researched how bully alert systems have been used in real world situations in schools around the country.

Case Studies:

"SMS is instant and a great medium because it is a common form of communication with which 99.9% of students are familiar. For many children bullying often results in sleepless nights and having a system that allows them to text their concerns in the early hours is important, a system which also automatically messages them back with an automatic text to assure them that help is at hand. Equipped with the full details, schools can address issues swiftly and efficiently." - 160characters.org

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