Emergencies can arise out of no where and teachers need to be prepared to alert their students on how to handle the situation at hand. Of course the parents of the students dealing with the emergency need to be notified with regular updates to ensure them that their children are safe.

Emergency alerts allow teachers to quickly notify fellow staff members, students and parents of emergencies in real-time. Voice, text and email broadcasts can be sent out to all of the above instantly which allows for an emergency to be handled with minimal panic and chaos. For example, a gas leak occurs on campus and the students and staff must be evacuated - an emergency alert can be sent to all parents.

Below we have researched how emergency alert systems have been used in real world situations in schools around the country.

Case Studies:

"People who live, work or attend school in Marin are now able to receive emergency alerts by text, voice or email on their cell phones through the Alert Marin system. The new Alert Marin emergency notification system is an upgrade to the existing Telephone Emergency Notification System the county began five years ago." - Novato.Patch.com

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