Every parent does not have the time to pack a lunch for their child each morning before school. In order to make sure students are fed throughout the day, schools offer their lunch program for nominal fee. It is then up to the parents to make sure the lunch account balance remains replenished and paid up - this is where a school notification system would be beneficial.

Low lunch balance alerts would send parents an automated voice, text and/or email message when their child's account is low - this will ensure that the student receives a meal each and every day.

Below we have researched how low lunch balance alerts have been used in real world situations in schools around the country.

Case Studies:

"When a student's account gets low, the school sends the child home with a letter. If the money is still not paid, the student gets crackers and water. The school board is in the process of finding new ways to help parents stay on top of lunch account balances, but Hatcher says she won't rest until no other student has to give up their lunch. The board is currently exploring the idea of using text alerts or phone messages to keep parents informed. They have had issues with sending letters home with students because sometimes those letters don't quite make it to the parents." - WSet.com

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