A Parent Teacher Association is a joint effort between teachers and parents to promote the well-being of their students/children through various events, fundraisers and special field trips. PTA reminders can be used by both the parents and teacher to send out reminder calls regarding upcoming events to everyone associated with the school hosting the event.

Upon setting up a school notification system to send out PTA reminders, teacher and parents are then able to request donations and volunteers for fundraisers as well as promote an upcoming field trip. The ability to reach everyone via voice message, SMS broadcast or email will ensure that nobody is overlooked or left out.

Below we have researched how PTA reminders have been used in real world situations in schools around the country.

Case Studies:

"You also need to place flyers in the school office for paper orders. As the order date gets closer, you can send out reminder emails/calls (or have the school office to them). The day before orders are due check the PTA mailbox for any paper orders. Once the orders are placed you can check on the Market website to see who ordered and send out reminders for pick up date and time." -

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding how PTA reminders work, please feel free to contact our staff today!