Review Of RapidNotify
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Rapid Notify is located in Laguna Hills, California and is an emergency notification system that allows schools to communicate via phone, email and text messaging - with over 30 years in the telecommunications industry, Rapid Notify is a great service to quickly and efficiently get a message out.

    • Company Features
    • Yes
    • No
    • Try For Free Before Using
    • Toll Free Customer Support
    • Online Web Chat Support
    • Ability To Send Voice Messages
    • Ability To Send Text Messages
    • Ability To Send Emails
    • Social Media Integration
  • Payment Options Available
    • Pay Via Credit Card
    • Pay Via PayPal
    • Pay Via Check
    • Pay Per Call Using Credits Or Per Minute
    • Monthly/Yearly Payment Plans
  • Message Recording Options Available
    • Record Message Via Phone (Call-In System)
    • Upload Message Via Sound File
    • Create Message Using Text To Speech Service
  • Additional Features Available
    • Detailed Call Reports
    • Multiple Language Support
    • Phone Surveys
All the above data was accurate as of 1-15-13, the date of us doing the review for RapidNotify. If you notice anything that has been added or removed please let us know so we can update this page accordingly. If you're a representative of RapidNotify please click here and let us know what needs to be added and/or removed.