The communication barrier between teachers, students and parents is easily overcome by setting up a school notification system. Progress reports, permission slips and report cards are oftentimes lost during the trip from the classroom to the students home.

Report card reminders are sent by schools to notify parents that their child will be bringing home a progress report. In some cases, schools are actually doing away with physical report cards - an email alert system is setup and the parents are sent the report cards via PDF.

Below we have researched how report card reminders have been used in real world situations in schools around the country.

Case Studies:

"ESM uses electronic progress reports and report cards. Parents and students are able to review and, if they choose, print a copy of the progress report or report card. When the reports are available, the district sends out e-mail notifications. Parents who would still like a paper copy sent home can call their school to make the request." -

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