Unfortunately school shootings have become a common occurrence in the United States and it is extremely important for a school to be prepared should an act of violence happen on campus. A school notification system is a quick and efficient method to relay news and updates to faculty, students, parents and authorities.

Setting up a campus notification system will allow school administrators to work with its faculty and local authorities to pinpoint and neutralize an intruder quickly and efficiently. The main goal of school shooting alerts is to keep injuries/casualties to a minimum and resolve the threat quickly.

Below we have researched how a campus alert system has been used in real world situations in schools around the country.

Case Studies:

"On March 1, a new emergency alert system is set to be deployed on campus that will be more robust than the current system. The current system, which sends text alerts to cellphones, is optional. The new system will automatically enroll everyone on campus using email accounts, home phone numbers and office phones if they have them. Users will have the option of whether to receive messages via cellphones. The system also will allow administrators to send emergency alerts to all computer screens on campus." -

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