Extreme weather is unpredictable and can often affect the safety and well-being of faculty, students and parents trying to navigate to school. It is important to send out a timely notification when school closings occur and a school notification system is the perfect tool to accomplish this goal quickly and efficiently.

Snow day calls are oftentimes prerecorded by a dean or principal at a school and when extreme weather occurs, they are able to send that message out to their faculty, students and parents instantly. Most of the school notification systems reviews within our site are also capable of sending weather alerts via email and text message as well.

Below we have researched how snow day calls have been used in real world situations in schools around the country.

Case Studies:

"Once the decision to close is made, we have to get the word out to our parents and staff. We contact televisions, radio stations, and newspapers to help spread the word. We also call all of our staff and families to alert them to the closure. Calls started at 4:50 a.m." - Steve Matthews (Superintendent of the Novi Community School District)

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding how snow day calls work, please feel free to contact our staff today!